Hardscape and landscape construction process


From starting to finishing, Fernandez Bros Inc. is dedicated to offering excellent hardscape & landscape services. A consultation is the first step in our procedure, during which we get to know the objectives and goals of the customer. Then, we create a comprehensive plan and timeline while accounting for all required permits and laws. Our team of knowledgeable experts works persistently to complete the job while keeping frequent contact with the client to make sure their expectations are being met.

Planning & Design

At Fernandez Bros Inc., the Planning and Design phase of the hardscape & Landscaping process is vital to bringing your vision to reality. Our team of professionals will collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs and project goals. They will then create a thorough plan that accounts for all the permits and laws and makes sure the design satisfies the highest requirements for usefulness, safety, and aesthetics.

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Regulatory Compliance

Every hardscape & landscape project must include regulatory compliance, and Fernandez Bros Inc. takes this responsibility very seriously. Our team of professionals will take care of all the appropriate procedures to acquire the required permissions and make sure that your project meets with all applicable laws. This involves visiting the project site, reading local laws and rules and making sure that your project meets all safety, building code, and environmental protection standards.

Material selection

The necessity of choosing the appropriate materials for a hardscape & landscape project is something we at Fernandez Bros Inc. are aware of. Since we want to ensure the success of all of our projects, we are committed to using only the best materials. The materials will indeed be carefully chosen by our team of specialists based on their strength, dependability, and capacity to achieve high standards.

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Execution and Completion

The Execution and Finish phase of the hardscape and landscape process is where your vision comes to life. At Fernandez Bros Inc., our team of talented experts works diligently to bring your idea to life with standard development methods, tools, and supplies. We keep lines of contact open with you throughout the development process to make sure that your expectations are being met and that any questions or concerns are immediately resolved.

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